El tema central de este Blog es LA FILOSOFÍA DE LA CABAÑA y/o EL REGRESO A LA NATURALEZA o sobre la construcción de un "paradiso perduto" y encontrar un lugar en él. La experiencia de la quietud silenciosa en la contemplación y la conexión entre el corazón y la tierra. La cabaña como objeto y método de pensamiento. Una cabaña para aprender a vivir de nuevo, y como ejemplo de que otras maneras de vivir son posibles sobre la tierra.

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Crisis y cabaña

You, like me; me, like you: Markus Hansen's Other People's Feelings (2004-2012).

Markus Hansen was born in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1963. At age nine his family moved to Liverpool, England. After his art studies at the University of Reading he assisted Joseph Beuys on the installation ‘Plight’. He then lived in Columbia, South America with the Waunana Indians, to pursue his anthropological interests in the creative healing role of the Shaman. 

Upon his return to Lodon he started working with Interim Art in London and exhibiting internationally, including New York, London, Paris, Hamburg, Zurich. He moved to Paris after a residence at the Cartier Foundation.

Markus Hansen works with performance, sculpture, (his use of materials range from chocolate to domestic dirt) installation, photography. His film and videos range from his installation of a reworked "Salo or the 120 days of Sodom" at the Caisse de Dépot in Paris to his elliptical cinematographic narratives "Falling Angel" or the black comedy "Jim's last round". He is presently also working on a documentary and a feature. The recurring themes being memory, hygene, history, idendity and the ghosts that are passed on from one generation to another.

His recent collaborations have included live video performances with the improvisational musical group Bateau Lavoir from Antwerp together with the legendary Archie Shepp, and Two Shot Seven from the US, made up of Billy Bang, Hamiet Bluiet and Kahil el Zabar. 

He also collaborates with Chris Dorley-Brown, an artist from London, on video installations. Their last collaboration, ‘Lewes’, was shown at the Brighton Photography Bienale. 

Markus Hansen’s last solo exhibition was with the Slingshot Project in New York 2005. He also performed with Bateau Lavoir and Archie Shepp for the ‘Lille, ville de la culture Europeen 2004’. He lives and works in Paris. 


Markus Hansen - Crisis Cabin

Markus Hansen, Crisis Cabin, 2009-2011 

“Markus Hansen’s ‘crisis hut’ is reminiscent of the huts of the Black Forest. Without a nail, screw or glue, every piece slots together to facilitate it’s mobility. It’s exterior is covered with feathers to protect against the rain. Made of 22mm plywood it has a system of shelves on the inside that slot into the rest of the structure.The books that fill the shelves isolate against the cold and are the source of reinvention and regeneration. The cover of feathers remind us of the necessity of a dialogue with nature for survival whilst the lining of books serve as the resource of the past for the future.

The ‘crisis hut’ is both a primitive and sophisticated response to the demands generated by a crisis. 

Text from the Gandy Gallery’s: Danubian Dreams” The architectural project Danubian Dreams was born during the occasion of an encounter between the architect Odile Decq and the galeriste Nadine Gandy. 

The gandy gallery’s vocation is to be a laboratory rather than a simple gallery; a meeting point without exclusivity for art, design and architecture, but also for the creation of multiples forms and projects.”


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